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More Child Care, More Options

Parents and Caregivers there are new changes to child care coming for 2020! Our liberal government has pledged to save families with children aged 2.5 – kindergarten a whopping $17,000 per child. News Release More Child Care, More Choice Providing Free Preschool Child Care for Children Aged 2.5 to Kindergarten March 27, 2018 9:35 A.M.

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3 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month With Kids

Celebrate Together- Bring About Awareness   Read about a different influential African-Americans who have made an impact on Black History Month Together make a list of distinguished people who have affected and made positive changes for African-Americans throughout the years. Discuss the approaches they used to bring change about and how they have made their dent in

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Childs Play

Play Helps Children Learn Best and Begin to Develop Their Character!  Play is they way that children learn. They start to experience their surrounding and the world around them bringing meaning to their existence. It models the social framework that builds relationships for life and kindles imagination. Play gives children the chance, in a world where

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Hi Nadia! I really appreciate your help  for me, with regards of finding an employer. I’m very thankful and grateful that I found this website careopoly.
It helped me a lot , and now I got my new job. Thank you Nadia for being so friendly and helpful.
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Searching for a caregiver was a process I didn’t want to attack. Realizing I would have to leave my baby with someone was hard for me. Careopoly helped make this transition easy. The candidates are qualified professionals who have experience and want to not only work, but make a difference in a families life!

As a new graduate in the Early Childhood field, I have tried to find a job in a variety of methods. I came across Careopoly and since it was free I signed up. I never thought I would find the job of my dreams so quickly and with great pay, this site is AWESOME.

SUPER SUPER site, who knew that all these caregivers were available and locally too!

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