2017 Federal Budget – Extended Parental Leave

Federal Budget 2017:

Extended parental leave – 18 months now up from 12 months!

The Liberals have extended the maternity leave for parents from 12 months to 18. This is great news for families. The ability to stay home with your child until they are 18 months will allow parents a decreased stress in their search for childcare as most licensed childcare programs don’t accept children until they are 18 months old.

One thing that is important to note is that the government intends to spread 12 months’ worth of payments over 18 months in order to pay maternity benefits. This change among others in the 2017 Federal Budget will entail a rise in employment insurance premiums compensated by workers and employers, starting next year.

However; there’s a huge probability that many will enjoy spending more time with their little bundle of joy and not attest much to the changes that come with the additional time off!

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