Kids are back in school and the most important topic on hand is getting them to read. Here are some great reading apps you can use to get them on their way for ages K-5! Here are 5 awesome reading apps to help children learn to read.

1. SIGHT WORDS: Sight words are a great way to practise common words. You can add words and the best thing is that 
you can record them in your own voice!

2. ABCmouse.com: You can read stories and listen to narration and music.

3. Grammer Wonderland: Elementary and Primary.

4. Phonics Genius: Great App to use to decipher words by sound.

5. Sight Words List: You can customize all cards!

Using some of these apps can help you achieve the goals that you set forth for the child(ren) you want to teach. Be sure to set realistic goals, use positive reinforcement and have PATIENCE. Children learn differently and at their own pace. If you notice a struggle an eye check up would always be a great idea.

Happy Reading!


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