3 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month With Kids

Celebrate Together- Bring About Awareness


Read about a different influential African-Americans who have made an impact on Black History Month

Together make a list of distinguished people who have affected and made positive changes for African-Americans throughout the years. Discuss the approaches they used to bring change about and how they have made their dent in the African-American culture. Some people to consider Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Willie O’ree, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey. 

Cook together, make a meal reflective of the African-American culture

Find up a fun and easy recipe that you can make together and enjoy. Cooking with your child will increase your bond, enhance open dialogue and create a lasting memory. There are so many yummy treats to try are which incorporate African-American foods.  Some are Meat Pie, Puff-Puff, Black Eyed Peas Fritters and Plantain Chips!

Take a trip to your local Museum

Pack some snacks and head on over to your local museum. Kids love to research and explore history. Most museum’s highlight important dates and events. Have some fun, take notes and play a question and answer game after your visit. This game will encourage learning though fun.


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