Safety Tips

We at Careopoly care about the well being, safety, and privacy of our users.

We are a means for employers to connect with caregivers.  In spite of the fact that we do not have any proceedings which take place past our site, we want to share some safety tips with you so that can take care of yourself while using our website. Upon the first meeting with an employer or caregiver, conduct a phone interview and meet in a public place if possible. If it is not possible to do so, we recommend that you bring a friend with you and have them wait outside or come in with you.

It is important do you know that any email we may send you with respect to modifying or changing your email or password on our website will automatically direct you to our website Should you get any other type of email requesting personal information, passwords, credit card information or anything else regarding your account which you find to be suspicious, do not trust it and send us an email and we will look into the matter. At any time you can always contact our customer care team.

Should you come across any inappropriate or suspicious behaviour while you were using our site please let us know at once. Should you feel at any point that you’re not safe from any suspicious behaviour by employers or caregivers using the site, please contact the police and immediately notify us.

Always do you reference checks, verify who your caregiver or employer is and make sure you feel comfortable. We have partnered with so that employers can conduct police checks of whom they choose to hire.

We recommend that you do not provide personal or sensitive information in your resume or in interviews, such

• your Social Insurance Number
• your age, marital status or birth date
• your driver’s license number
• your health card number
• any banking or financial information, which includes credit card or bank account numbers and Personal
Identification Numbers (PIN)
• money deposits

This information may be discussed with a prospective employer only after the hiring process has begun. If a job
posting seems questionable please do not hesitate to contact the job site where you found it. If you suspect that
you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds

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