Zika Virus

The Zika virus is quickly spreading throughout Brazil and surrounding areas. If you are pregnant and planning to travel outside of the country, be sure to talk with your family doctor .

The headlines which have been surfacing throughout the internet and news stations around the world are quite frightful and alarming for all, for a great reason. There is “no vaccine or medication available to prevent or treat Zika infections” the virus is linked with microcephaly, a condition which does not allow the brain to fully develop and be born with a small head.

The World Health organization has stated that this virus is  “spreading explosively.”

So, if your family is thinking about a vacation or planning to travel, while looking for somewhere to go that is hot, try to keep this in mind. The most affected areas are South and Central America, Samoa which is located in the Pacific Islands, and Cape Verde located in Africa with Brazil being the most affected area.

It’s believed that for people who are not pregnant or trying to conceive, the Zika virus is quite mild.

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