Holidays and Your Nanny’s Pay

Why Your Nanny’s Pay is Important to Understand

Many people have asked us about Statutory Holidays and whether or not they have to pay their nanny. Well the short and sweet of this answer is Yes, you may be required to pay for these days if your nanny meets the standard requirements set forth by the government. Remember that the rules change in each province.

You may also decide that you would like of you nanny to take additional days off with pay at the same time which the “stat” holiday takes place. The ultimate decision is up to you, however it is recommended that you discuss things wither nanny prior to making your final decision.

In Ontario, federally or provincially legislated holidays allow the nanny to take a day off with pay or to take time in lieu of a day off.

General Information provided by Service Canada.

New Year’s Day

Family Day

Good Friday

Victoria Day

Canada Day

Labour Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Boxing Day (December 26)

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